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Thanks for opening this link which is the first of 4 information pages about a business opportunity.

Unlike conventional businesses, the industry has been around for over 100 years and is a proven, legal method of helping people to increase their wealth.

You have been recommended to have a look at this link by a leader in this industry. This 27 minute audio will help you to understand why our industry has been defined as being the business of the 21st century by Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet.

Rich Dad

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The business of the 21st Century

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Current Offers

Students save 20% at Dorothy Perkins


Feature: iPad

3-7% Cashback Card

Save 15% at Dorothy Perkins

Reduce waste electricity by 75%

My Stroke Of Insight

Shark week

T-Shirt deals

Apple Store

Flip Video and Webcams


Choose your next salary
Create an Account. Google Will Do
Your Ads. Call Today 0844 338 0344!

Choose your next salary
Create an Account. Google Will Do
Your Ads. Call Today 0844 338 0344!

Choose your next salary
Create an Account. Google Will Do
Your Ads. Call Today 0844 338 0344!

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grwps example

iPod Touch 8GB

Merchants - contact us to add your offers. You must be prepared to offer either a discount, cashback or earnback on your products.


1. Join our facebook group
Register with the grwps.com Facebook group.

2. Tell your friends about the site and invite them
Just like any other facebook group you'll be invited to talk about some topics and items. Some of the items in discussion will be offers for some of the greatest deals available in the UK today.

3. Claim your Cashback and Earnback
25% of the profits generated by grwps activity goes back to members, meaning that every month you'lll get the chance to claim your share of the earnings through your group via paypal. This opportunity is by the people for the people and only uses word of mouth to share the discounts, savings and earnings.

With Grwps you can do all this..

Save money on every day items.

Earn money by joining in and our being part of our grwps.

Cashback In most cases you'll get a fantastic cashback to go with your savings. Check out an example to the right.

Become a power seller and earn a greater proportion of the revenue. For more information, you can contact Mark "Bunny Tick" Hopgood via our facebook group.

The best global networking groups    


TOP 5 Global

1. Facebook.com 200M

2. MySpace.com 253M

3.Hi5.com 80M

4. Windows Live Space 120M

5. Twitter.com 19M?






TOP 4 Global

1. LinkedIn 40M

2. XING 6M

3. Ecademy 2M

4. Meetup*




1. LinkedInLondon



1. Let's Evolve Sevenoaks Business Network

2. 7oaks.info



looking for suggestions


How we list

Not only by looking at google, but other media too can influence our listings. Quality and size are taken into consideration too.


* Meetup is a general networking site, but there are several business groups available. Meetup is good because it offers real world or offline meeting organisation.

Mark Hopgood

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